#WSFC2016 + Up Dharma Down

I was expecting lots of famous Pinoy streetfoods.

And I got Thai, Singaporean, and other Asian streetfoods in return.

With an unstable schedule, I risked my time to try this one out. I saw a tweet about an event in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig featuring Up Dharma Down, a famous OPM band, as one of its guests in this five-day food trip. I am a big fan of the band myself and not to mention, it’s free admission!

It started like this. We came to the venue and we saw a very long line that extends to the back. The waiting time wasn’t that of a hassle and we liked how the organizers handled their crowd surprisingly well as expected of BGC’s world-class standards(well duh, world congress nga eh.)  Once we entered the place, another long cue greeted us in the food stalls. There were different kinds of food everywhere from soups to barbeque to sundaes. The refreshments were very limited if you don’t have a plan to buy streetfoods. They offer water, beer in cans and sodas. If you’re planning to go there, food and drinks from the outside are not allowed. You should also shelter a minimum budget of 200 each food stall to really enjoy their food. They have 25 food stalls and the beverage stall.

It was around 7:30PM when UDD came out. Everyone suddenly went near the stage and spent the night listening to their songs while they eat and drink. They performed their trademark “Sana”, “Tadhana”, “Oo”, “Luna”, and some songs that brought out the emotional individual in us. Haha.

They ended their performance by 9PM with “Indak”. I think most of the crowd only went there because of UDD(and I’m one of those people.)

Our night was spent with beer without food. We did not finish the event since my friends aren’t allowed to stay late. The event says it ends by 11PM but we went home by 9:30PM. This ends here. Bonne journée, folks!


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