18 Adventures

Roses are red and they bore me. No offense. They ARE beautiful and they ARE romantically perfect but I only use them as gifts for my family and friends.

Stereotypically, a coming-of-age party involves these pretty flowers but I’m not normal so I choose to create my own debut adventure along with God beside me and my mom and my friends and family.

I came up with having eighteen adventures instead of aesthetic flowers, candles, treasures and messages.

It has begun and I will update you soon with my posts!

With love and for love, Yna.


No Sense

We live in a world where everything is decided by the choices that were taken by the people before us. I am in a constant worry that when everything else’s dies, I die with them, leaving everyone suffer from the bad decisions I took. I couldn’t accept the fact that I can’t recreate my existence. I am nowhere, in a wrong time, trying to understand how vast life can be. The universe is a sacred place and I dishonor it again and again by being terrible. They say you can only be human once you learn how to exist. Maybe I am no human at all. The fact that I made no action to live without regrets concludes how much worthless I am. I need to be kind, humble, and patient. These traits are the way for me to love myself and yet I fail. I fail because I blame the people around me who made me like this. I fail because I drown into the thoughts of the past, never wanting to move on nor to accept rejection. I am shameful for those who harmed me are also harmed. I reciprocate the way they treat me. They treat me with disgust when they feel like it and they treat me with kindness only when they need me. It is a sad world. I tried and trying doesn’t change anything.
With love and for love, Yna.

A Not-So-Happy Father’s Day Letter

Before this day ends, I want to express my gratitude to the great father I never had.

I did it without you. With my grandparents paying for my school and granting my wants, fulfilling my needs, with my stressed mom giving me the best parenting on this stage of life and loving me til the end of time, I did it. Although not heroically but I still grew up into the best individual I could ever produce.

Well, not really.

I have a strong attitude of being spontaneous and this letter’s a mirage of what my soul has and what it did with God by my side and a few friends and books to help me get over. I never wished for a perfect life, only a contented one. This won’t and will neither express the bitter sadness in my existence nor will perform a shit-show about the dramatic scenes in my own broadway film. This is to give tribute to the father who, as I think I know, broke me more than for the last few years when I tried to reassemble my life into one of the most inspiring stories one could never wish for.

I know I’m a very difficult girl to understand but I trust you will. I am gradually on the state of losing my father’s mind over my spoiled rants but I’m proud of it. You ask why.

Because yesterday, I was finally a woman. He didn’t have to worry about me anymore. He didn’t have to think about my future anymore because he knows I can handle myself now. I’ve been on a ferris wheel who never goes around but only stays down. He was the cool guy you’d love to hang around with but never the guy you’d want to be with when you have a problem. He makes it worse. It’s the truth and I’m hurting his ego, well, you know how the saying goes.

But daddy, thank you. It was because of you that I learned how to handle myself without your guidance or anybody’s guidance at all. I learned how to become perceptive. I learned when to give up and not to give up. Though I don’t have many achievements in life, I’m still proud. I learned values and chivalry and respect by myself. Most of all, I learned how to appreciate people more than anything else.

If you think this is still a bitter letter, you wasted your time. But if you get my point, go on.

Today is the day I acknowledge myself as one of those strong-willed women and I will continue on being one because of the things you gave me no choice but to learn.

So I thank you.

It’s your day.

Live like a blessed man.

Hope for a better life for your family.

And when the time comes that you’d realize that I’ve become a beautiful person, I’d be there.

With love and for love, your daughter, Yna.

STOKED ALONE: La Union 2016

Yes, I was in La Union and yes, I was alone.

Travelling is a secret escape route. Going out of my comfort zone ironically gives me the satisfaction that life still goes on. I was feeling low and I needed to get away from all the bad vibes I’ve been breathing.

It started with a joke. I have this habit of joking with my mom and the places I wanted to visit. I challenged her that if I give her a detailed itinerary, she should give me the permission to travel to La Union. Surprisingly, after a few hours of research and coffee, I found myself giving in to the idea of surfing and beach and successfully winning the dare.

La Union is known for its surf schools. Most of them are located at Barangay Urbiztondo, San Juan, the surfing capital of the North. All resorts offer the same prices. For surfing lessons, they offer 400 pesos per hour, inclusive of the board(200/hour) and an instructor(200/hour). You can just also rent a board without an instructor. Believe it or not, I rented a board first, played with it, and with beginner’s luck, I actually caught a wave in my first try. Afterwards, I paid for an instructor because of my lack of talent in catching waves. Haha.

On my first day, I left Pampanga late so I arrived at around 5PM in Urbiztondo. Unfortunately, the rooms for two in San Juan Surf Resort(A.K.A. surf camp) are fully booked and the only available rooms are out of my reach. I spent the next minutes looking for cheap hostels. My plan B was to check-in at The Circle Hostel but then I saw a tarpaulin on the other side of the road that screams “TRANSIENTS/ROOM FOR RENT.” So there, I got a room with a kitchen, sala, clean comfort room, and a standard sized bed with aircon for just 800 pesos. I immediately went to the beach after unpacking.

There were no particular entrance fees to the beach unlike most resorts in the Philippines. I felt free going in and out the beach through Sebay Surf Central, a resort next to the surf camp. They have a restobar that overlooks the view of the sea. Lots of people are surfing, most of them are natives. The waves only appear in the afternoon. I was just in time for the sunset. After a quick dip in the sea, I immediately tried their restobar. The food was great. Prices were reasonable. And when you order rice, they give you a heart-shaped one! The night was cold and the stars are really visible so I stayed late by the beach.

I woke up the next day to catch the sunrise, only to find out that it doesn’t rise on that side of La Union. I was supposed to go to Ma-cho temple and Tangadan Falls but fever caught up to me so I went back to my room to rest the day and waited for the sun to shine high enough so I could get my tan back(one of my goals.) I took a three-hour dip before I slept til lunch and decided to eat in San Fernando. The city is busy considering it’s Election Day. Most of the shops are closed. When I got back to San Juan, I figured I should try Coast Call, the restobar in San Juan Surf Resort. It actually offers a slightly higher service quality than the Sebay restobar and I like that it produces an aesthetic vibe. Supposedly, I’d check out its surf shop but it’s closed. 😦

After Coast Call, I rented a board for 30 minutes. I caught two waves by myself. So proud! But then, as I mentioned a while ago, I lack talent in catching waves so I had an instructor, Kuya J. After a few safety lessons about what to do when a whitewash happens, we finally went to the water. The waves are little but I managed not to fall off my board. I ended the day with a hot chocolate and left La Union. I road a Partas bus to Dau and got home by 2AM along with memories worth a lifetime. It doesn’t end here though. I will come back.

With love and for love, Yna.

Ça Va?


While I was spending 4AM planning for the future, creating a blog site dawned on me because I’ve been making itineraries for travel and events. Recently I’ve been busy with dancing and I’m having a hard time catching up with my friends. Facebook has been a lot of hassle lately. So maybe this blog could be a way for people to keep up with my life.

I hope you can take care of me while I feed you with updates from my travels and lifestyle. I cannot promise you a healthy content but I can promise you a fulfilling one.

This blog will have my travel diary, thoughts, reviews, and hopefully, some inspiration. I think that would be all. Bonne journée!